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Client Testimonials

What clients say about working with us…

I have worked with the staff at APF for many years. They are truly professional in every respect, and the environment is one of professionalism and integrity. The knowledge base of all staff members is exceptional.

   –   an APF Member

I really love the non-intimidating atmosphere and excellent personal trainers!

   –   Beth McLean

Athens Personal Fitness is the most service-oriented fitness club I have ever been to. The weight training expertise is phenomenal! I’d happily send any of my clients there, because I know they’ll be totally taken care of.

   –   Candice Courcy

Melissa is so motivating, supportive, and informative. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without her!

   –   Kristin Wolfalth

As a physician, I daily recommend a mix of aerobic/strength training. The staff of APF is a professional group who recognize the needs of the over-40 population. My highest recommendation goes to APF.

   –   D. Hatmaker, M.D.

The trainers at APF are extremely knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. The staff is friendly and professional. APF offers a dynamic approach to training and designs a workout program that is tailor-made for me. The trainers at APF practice what they preach. If you are serious about seeing results, APF is the place for you.

   –   Stuart McLean

I have had several different trainers around the world. Since being with Melissa, I am in the best shape of my life!

   –   Laura Stearns

Regular training sessions (with Dee) at Athens Personal Fitness have improved my health, energy, and fitness levels. I really enjoy working out in such a friendly, caring atmosphere with a program that is designed to meet my personal needs.

   –   Sarah Greene